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Lead with authenticity. Lead by your design.

Unlock your true leadership potential with customized strategies that align with your innermost truth.

Are you seeking to...

Be of service

Are you looking for opportunities to serve and embrace your community?

Make an impact

Are you wondering how to be more influential in your sphere?

Find relief from pressure and stress

Do you have lots of responsibility and feel overwhelmed by the problems you encounter?

Remain calm despite external constraints

When your expectations are not being met, are you struggling with restlessness, moodiness, or depression from periods of inaction?

Feel confident

Are you in a constant state of self-improvement (taking courses, classes, self-correction, or feeling unworthy)?

Find relief from fatigue and frustration 

Are you getting fatigued and frustrated by your role; or within your team or leadership dynamic?

Be a great leader

Are you trying to excel as a leader and get the most out of the gifts and talents of your team?

Align with your inner truth 

Are you tired of following leadership books that don't resonate and are looking for a strategy that aligns with your inner truth?

Your Leadership Journey: Take Our Assessment and Find Your Way Forward

Discover how to apply the deepest, broadest, and most accurate personal assessment tool ever created. 

image of career design presentation

  • BG5™ Human Design provides a guided, simple, yet effective set of tools to discover how to engage in the world, reducing confusion, stress, and resistance with a decision-making strategy that shows you how you are naturally designed to engage in life and succeed in business. 

    Your BG5™ Career Design Helps You:

  • Align onto a job or career path that holds more satisfaction and less frustration, More success and less bitterness, More peace and less anger, surprise instead of disappointment. 

  • Work with your conscious and unconscious strengths and bring understanding to the areas that challenge you.

  • Discover the 3 most important aspects of the system that allow you to start making decisions that are in line with your inner truth. 

  • BG5™, the business side of Human Design, offers a logical and practical language that is easier to understand, relate to and apply.

  • Embrace your Authenticity:

    Start with an Overview, or Career Design Analysis. 

    Meet Rae.

    Hi, I’m Rae, an Express Builder (Manifesting Generator in Human Design terms). 

    As a Pioneer and Messenger I draw strength and legitimacy in leadership by synthesizing past experiences with traditions and innovation. I immerse myself in the art of research and the exploration of new ideas, constantly learning through listening and the process of trial and error. With an open heart, I delve into the past, bringing its wisdom into the present, discovering nuances often missed. Through exploration, navigated with grace, I unearth hidden meanings to share with others. I create connections and establish bonds with like-minded individuals, effectively championing diverse, innovative, and practical solutions. 

    I am a Licensed Certified BG5BI Professional officially trained through BG5BI Business Institute


    Please check out my listing on the BG5BI Business Institute Website.


    Please be aware that there are individuals using The Human Design, BG5 & OC16 Systems that are not legally sanctioned by Jovian Archive (rights holder) or the BG5 Business Institute, nor certified or licensed by the International Human Design School or the BG5 Business Institute (professional certification authorities).


    When you work with me, you can be confident that you are receiving the information from someone who has been properly trained and certified as a BG5 Professional.

    Everything about life on this plane, the sum total of a life is made up by its decisions. It’s just about decisions. If you look at your life you’ll see very clearly that it’s basically decisions all along the road, wherever you turn.”

    – Ra Uru Hu


    What Others Are Saying

    "I was having trouble deciding what steps to take next in my business.

    Rae’s analysis was amazing. She described me perfectly and really highlighted what my strengths were. Things like how to collaborate with people. That planning and strategizing is a really important part of my life. And Rae’s language was perfect for me. She was able to describe everything really simply. So even someone like me, who's not particularly an expert in Human Design could understand it."

     I'd recommend Rae for anyone. If you want to understand more about yourself and what your strengths are and what you should be aiming for in life, then definitely go to see Rae.

    3/6 Express Builder (Manifesting Generator)


    What Others Are Saying

    "Rae is a total blessing. I appreciated the explanation and design insights provided. It really helped me zoom out of my narrow focus."

    2/4 Advisor (Projector)


    What Others Are Saying

    "I accepted the job this afternoon! After the last few weeks I was able to stop struggling and made a decision. Thanks for the guidance through my decision making process it really helped immensely. My boss was frustrated but I needed that time."

    1/3 Builder (Generator)


    What Others Are Saying

    "It was a pleasure working with Rae to better understand my design and the program offered through the BG5 Career Design Analysis. Her approach is very warm and inviting and her explanation was very thoughtful and thorough. The BG5 analysis greatly helped my understanding of how I operate and to better navigate my strengths to better cope with my lack of understanding of certain shortcomings and weaknesses that I possess. This tool is a great affirmation of what direction I should refocus my efforts in both my personal and professional life, to have a higher sense of self and to be of better service to those around me." 

    1/3 Express Builder (Manifesting Generator)


    What Others Are Saying

    "Rae really gave me a roadmap of what to expect on achieving my life's purpose. I was told to be patient and that I would be 'discovered' And that is exactly what happened!!! I feel have the building blocks to achieve my highest potential."

    2/4 Builder (Generator)


    Take the first step on the path to meeting yourself. 

    Featured Services

    BG5™ Career Design Overview 

    Learn to apply the simple yet effective tools that will help you engage in the world, reduce confusion, stress and succeed in your career and business.  

    Gain an understanding of your life purpose and the role you are here to play. 

    One 90-minute one-on-one session to guide you through your Design. 



    BG5™ Partnership Analysis

    Maximize the potential of any partnership. Each person receives a basic Career Design Overview in addition to the Partnership Analysis.  

    Receive specific, actionable advice that you can implement immediately to improve your communication strategy. 

    Includes 3-90-minute sessions



    Alpha One & Small Business Analysis

    Learn how and where to put your focus and where you need to delegate.  Practical and effective recommendations to transform the bottom line. Powerful accurate, and efficient analysis of the characteristics, dynamics potentials, and problems of any working group.